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Announcement of Attempts to Guarantee the Future Existence of Taiwan


Announcement of Attempts to Guarantee the Future Existence of Taiwan, 2012

Traditional percussionist / Performance and Intervention

A work made for Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction, Taipei Biennale Taiwan 2012

Announcement of Attempts to Guarantee the Future Existence of Taiwan

1. The Amis people from the village of Fudafudak in Tiatung are fighting the ursurption of their sacred lands by the Miramar Resort Hotel since 2004. The Amis request the destruction of the illegally built hotel. The Amis request the cessation of all construction, the return the land and ocean to it's original pre-construction state, the cessation of all inappropriate development on the east coast. The Amis request the establishment of a legal framework for future development in the area. The Amis call for resistance to destructive tourism.

2. The Tao people are protesting against the nuclear waste storage facility on Orchid Island since 1988. The Tao were not consulted regarding the construction of this nuclear waste facility. The Tao request the removal of 97,000 iron barrels of nuclear waste. Iron barrels that are rusty. They request the immediate removal of these rusty barrels of nuclear waste. The Tao request that the contaminated lands should be revitalized. The Tao request that the government and Taiwan Power company should review their mistaken policy of depositing nuclear waste on Orchid Island. The Tao request that the government and Taiwan Power Company discuss compensation for health problems caused by the nuclear waste storage facility.
Due to the protests by the Tao people in Orchid Island against nuclear waste stored there, the Taiwan Power Company is now looking for a new place to store nuclear waste. This time they are thinking of Nanitian Village of the Paiwan people in Daren Township in Taitung County. If approved, Taiwan Power Company plans to relocate the 97,000 iron barrels (some of which are rusty) filled with nuclear waste that is in Orchid Island to NanitianVillage by 2025.
At the moment, Taitung is famous for its organic vegetables and pristine landscape.

3. The Taroko people of Hsiulin Township in Hwalien County request the return of their land from Asia Cement Corporation which has since 1973 “stripped the skin from Hwalien's pristine mountains and showered cement dust on its tropical forests”. Local activists who are fighting the Asia Cement Corporation have been physically attacked and/or threatened. The cement dust from Asia Cement Corporation is inhaled by residents and breathing becomes difficult.

4. Indigenous peoples endure the forced expropriation of their lands by the government's Retired Servicemen's Association, the Forestry Department, and the National Parks Service so that we may have picnics and beautiful landscapes to pass through. The Nan Sha Lu people oppose the inclusion of Namaxia district in the Maolin National Scenic Area without obtaining a consensus within Namaxia district.

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