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Seeds of Change: A Ballast Flora Garden (New York)


Seeds of Change: A Ballast Flora Garden (New York), 2018.

A Ballast Flora Garden consisted of three installations in New York in 2018, is part of Seeds of Change: New York – A Botany of Colonization, a project which explores colonialism, slavery, and global commerce through the lens of displaced plants in ballast, the waste material historically used to balance ships in maritime trade.

A Ballast Flora Garden: Weeksville Heritage Center
Weeksville in Brooklyn is named in honor of James Weeks who helped establish a community of free Blacks in Brooklyn and also worked as a stevedore in the port where he unloaded ships and thus ballast involved him in yet more complexities of history.

A Garden of Ballast Flora: The High Line
Part of Agora, a group exhibition.
Maria Thereza Alves, A Ballast Flora Garden: High Line, 2018 is on view from April 2018 until March 2019 and is part of Maria Thereza Alves, Seeds of Change: New York – A Botany of Colonization 2018, an exhibition co-commissioned by the Vera List Center of Art and Politics at The New School, Pioneer Works, Weeksville Heritage Center, and High Line Art.

A Ballast Flora Garden: Pioneer Works
Much ballast flora grows around Red Hook as a result of ballast which arrived there and has become the very ground where this institution is based.

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